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TowMini 10.0
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Why TowMini? The designers of the TowMini believe that the RV lifestyle should be available to the small car and minivan community. The TowMini is the only camper in its class able to sleep six people comfortably!

"When I was a kid, our family pulled a 'pop-up' tent camper with our station wagon and we went all around the country visiting KOA Campgrounds, seeing Ruby Falls and creating great memories that would last a lifetime. When I looked around at today's generation of 'pop-ups'; I saw heavy, expensive units - but nothing that could be towed by a car or station wagon. That's when we decided to build our own tent camper - that would be both affordable and able to be towed by most cars and mini-vans. Do our units have all the extra frills of the expensive units? No. But that's not what camping is all about. My wife and I take our kids to some great campgrounds with all kinds of activities, lakes, pools, miniature gold courses, etc. -and yes, nice showers and rest room facilities. Camping for us is all about having a great time in the outdoors. It's about sitting around the campfire and making smores. Most importantly, it's about quality time spent with our family. We designed these trailers to provide everything a family needs to experience the camping lifestyle for themselves and we constructed it to last a generation - not out of wood that rots, or steel that rusts, but out of all aluminum and composites so you will be able to pass it on to your kids and grandkids"
-Scott Tuttle Founder of LIVIN LITE Recreational Vehicles & Manufacturer of the TowMini




One of the great features of the TowMini is our removable dinette bases. These lightweight rotocast plastic bases and ultra lightweight table are easily removed from the camper, providing extra seating and flexibility at your campsite. Because it is all weatherproof, you don’t have to worry about putting it back inside if it starts to rain. In fact, you can wait out the rain in the comfort of your own chairs in the camper. This flexibility is unique to the TowMini campers and provides incredible spaciousness in the interior of your camper.